NPO Fundraising Forum

Do you have the need for regular training and inspiration on how to run your Non-Profit in a more sustainable way? 

The “NPO Fundraising Forum” is an affordable, in-depth training on a wide range of Non-Profit related matters – focussing on Fundraising and Marketing.

WISHING you had more money is not a strategy! To WORRY about your organisation’s lack of funds is not a strategy. What is your PLAN to get your non-profit organisation financially sustainable? You need to have a plan. A big part of that plan MUST be to upskill yourself

Become part of a community of Non-Profit organisations where we are not in competition with each other, but supporting each other for the greater good!

What Is The
NPO Fundraising Forum?

It is the best available training platform for people working in the non-profit sector.

You will gain access to a library of 25 video lessons of at least 60 minutes each, all relating to improving your Fundraising & Marketing skills.

I focus on a new subject and practical application of the subject in each lesson. Videos will be interactive and engaging and are guaranteed to get you into action with some new fundraising and marketing tips, skills and ideas.

Any organisation can only be as good as the people working there. Enrolling in the NPO Fundraising Forum will grow you as a person to serve your organisation and beneficiaries in a more effective way.

In what format will the training be?

Online training at its absolute best! 

The training will be in the form of professional pre-recorded training videos.  This will enable you to watch it at your own convenience – at home or in the office. Some lessons will have additional videos and supporting documents. To help you even more, you will be able to download the presentation for every session.

As soon as you enrol, you will be able to watch the first video.  From there on, you will receive a new lesson every 2 weeks. You can watch it whenever you please and you are welcome to watch it as many times as you want.

You will receive 25 training sessions that will be spread over 12 months.

What will the training

The primary focus will be to empower you with Fundraising and Marketing skills. 

The content of the training discussions will cover four pillars, which are essential to the success of all NGOs: People – Technology – Marketing – Fundraising.

In that framework, we will cover a wide variety of subjects. The majority of topics will relate to Fundraising and Marketing. We will cover databases, automated email programs, social media, starting up a charity shop, how to write and submit a winning proposal and much more!

If you implement what you learn during my training, I can guarantee your personal and organisational growth!

How much does it cost?
How do I join?

Enrol NOW and start watching your first video immediately!

Membership is for at least 12 months and you can join as an individual or an office.  You can pay either the once-off annual fee or you can commit to paying a monthly fee for the next 12 months.

The “Office” option is for people working in the same office, same branch, same town and will enrol up to 5 people. This option is to make it even more affordable for organisations with a fundraising department with more than 1 or 2 staff members.

Click on the membership option of your choice or request an invoice from me at if you prefer to pay via EFT. Get the ball rolling!

Regular LIVE meetings via Zoom

In addition to the training videos, I regularly connect with all students via live “Click & Connect” Zoom meetings.  This is your opportunity to connect with me and each other, and to address some additional topics which are not covered in the pre-recorded training videos.

Some of the topics we had during 2023:

How to apply for funding at the Lotto.
How to thank your donors to ensure they give again.
Important changes in Social media to take note of.
What role does FEAR play in FUNDraising?
Getting comfortable with International Proposals.



When will the training start?

YOU CAN START TODAY!   This training is set up in a way that you can start any time of the year, and watch the videos at a time convenient for you.  As long as you take the time to watch all your bi-weekly sessions . . . even if you do it on a Sunday morning 🙂

As soon as you enrol in your preferred membership option, your first video will be released and from there on, you will receive a new training session every 2 weeks.

How much does it cost?

  • Individual membership – annual = R3 800 (once-off payment for a 12-month membership)
  • Individual membership – monthly = R380 per month (payable every month for 12-months)
  • Office membership – annual = R8 600 (once-off payment for a 12-month membership)
  • Office membership – monthly= R860 per month (payable every month for 12-months)

The Office membership option will give you permission to enrol up to 5 people working in the same office, same branch and same town. Should one of your staff members enrolled in the NPO Fundraising Forum leave the organisation during their membership period, you will be able to replace him/her with somebody else working at the organisation. You are also welcome to enrol volunteers or board members in the office membership option.

Should I pay monthly or annually?

Paying the once-off amount will work out cheaper.  You will also not have to worry about a payment going off your account every month, so I recommend you pay the annual fee.

If you want to enrol in one of the two annual membership options, you are welcome to mail me your details for an invoice to pay via EFT. You can also click on the relevant link on this page to pay via Paystack.

If you can’t afford the once-off payment, you are welcome to choose the monthly payment option – as long as you commit to staying part of the training for at least 12 months.

Enrolling in any of the two monthly payment options can only be done with a credit card via my online payment system (Paystack). Look out for the link on this page. Please note that monthly payments cannot be done via EFT.

Remember that you can join as either an individual or an office (max 5 people) so make sure to choose the correct link when you enrol.

Who will do the training?

The training will be done by myself, Annelise de Jager.  To give you additional value, I also invite other experts in the Non-Profit field to teach on a specific subject.  You can find out more about my work by clicking here

You are also welcome to visit my Online Training Academy for information about additional training programs.

How often will we have training?

You will receive a new training video every 2 weeks that you can watch whenever it is convenient for you.

You can watch the first video as soon as you enrol and I will send you an email every 2 weeks to remind you that the next video is ready. Please do not skip any of the lessons as they will build on each other.

Some lessons might have a little worksheet to ensure that you have watched the video and that you understand the material.  Completing your assignments and watching all the videos will qualify you for a certificate at the end of the year.

Remember that you enrol for a year – 12 months – regardless of what time in the year you are starting the journey.

How long will the sessions be available online?

All online training sessions will be available for as long as you are part of the NPO Fundraising Forum. Your initial membership fee will allow you access for 12 months.

This means you can access training on a specific topic, months after the video was released to you. You can watch it as many times as you wish.

How do I know this will help me and my organisation?

I have an NGO training career of about 30 years, and there are 854 people enrolled in 29 various programs of my Online Training Academy. Trust me, you will be in very good hands 🙂

Personal development is an integral part of every training session that I do. I believe that to be successful, you need to work harder on yourself than on the things listed in your job description.

My training programs are created with the development of non-profit organisations in mind, but any individual or business will benefit from them. If you implement what you learn from me, success is guaranteed!

Who should join?

The NPO Fundraising Forum is open to anybody involved in a non-profit organisation.

You can be from a school, church or welfare organisation – as long as you are eager to learn and grow your organisation to make a bigger impact. Volunteers and board members as well as people who are in the process of starting up an NGO are also most welcome.

The content will vary from the absolute basics to more advanced stuff – there will be something for everybody!!

Will this make me a better fundraiser?

The training is guaranteed to add value to you as a person as well as to your Non-Profit. Finding a skilled fundraiser is very difficult, so empowering yourself in this field will, without a shadow of a doubt, enhance your career!

Every training session is designed with a practical approach.  While I believe in a solid foundation of theory, getting things done and how to practically implement it, is the main focus of my training programs.

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