Tekkie Tax day

In 2013 National Tekkie Tax Day took the country by storm when Annelise de Jager and her team at The Marketing Team (Pty) Ltd launched another national campaign. For the first time in South African history, welfare organisations united in a fundraising campaign with the motto “together we can do more than our individual efforts combined”. Once again it was an astounding success!

In 2017, ownership was transferred to SAVF, Epilepsy SA and Germa Hattingh. They have built on the foundation that Annelise laid and through their efforts (and a huge team involved) the campaign has already raised nearly R40 million to date.

“Thank you so much for all you did to launch this campaign, next year will be even bigger and better.” Yvonne Stiglingh (SOS Children’s Villages)

“Together we can do more than our individual efforts combined”.

“On behalf of CWSA, I would like to thank you for setting an example when it comes to fundraising” Child Welfare South Africa – head office

“Thanks for your efforts we really appreciate what you do for us” Special Olympics SA – North West

“Thank you for the opportunity that Tekkie Tax is giving us to help the animals!” – Kuruman Animal Welfare

“It was brilliant. Thanks for another successful year” – Home-Start South Africa

“Thank you so much for all you did to launch this campaign!” – SOS Children’s Villages

Stuart Crous

I can see a significant difference in each of my team member’s personal growth, attitude and overall more positive outlook.

Sasha Govender

This training allowed for introspection into self-leadership to identify areas of improvement without feeling insecure or intimidated by the group.

Dr John Dow
Special Olympics Africa

Your presence, presentation and input made a big difference to this conference and were very well received by the delegates.

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