Meaningful Journeys

Annelise believes that travelling should be a life-enhancing experience. It’s about connecting emotionally with the place you are visiting and learning something about yourself in the process.

How many travel holidays have you had which you can hardly remember anything about? Rushing through as many countries as possible in a limited period with no time to stop and submerge yourself in the energy of the wonderful place you’re visiting? No time to connect with the people or absorb the sights, smells and sounds? No time to soak up the experience deeply enough to stir your soul? Another meaningless trip of wasted time and energy with nothing more than an album full of photographs to jog the memory? At the end of the trip, you only remember the place you visited thanks to your photos.

Is your life about gathering stuff or acquiring experiences? Too many of us are in the habit of letting life slip us by while we get lost in our heads, even when we are on holiday. Mindfulness is a simple exercise in keeping you focused on your actual experience and in the process, you will have a holiday like never before.

Mindfulness travel is for people who want to experience a difference in their lives. It’s about changing who you are and defining the reality of your life. Annelise challenges you to stop making excuses. Let go of the guilt you’ve been carrying. Forgive and be free. This is all possible when you join Annelise on a Meaningful journey – Mindfulness Travel trip.

Whether you stay within the borders of South Africa or venture to an exotic destination, Annelise will guide you in a transformative experience where personal expansion is inevitable. Go with a friend or solo (highly recommended) and experience travel like you have never done before.

Every trip Annelise does has been created to help you to find out more about yourself. It is a journey of personal discovery while having lots of fun and making new friends.

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“Travel should be about what you experience, not what you see.”

Stuart Crous

I can see a significant difference in each of my team member’s personal growth, attitude and overall more positive outlook.

Susan Kruger

“Om Mount Batur saam met jou uit te klim was een van die hoogtepunte van my lewe”

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