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I have a cat: a gorgeous bundle of ginger fur called 'Smartie'. I love him to bits and he probably knows it because when I work late at night on my computer, he jumps on the desk and goes to sleep next to my keyboard. When I watch TV he curls up on my lap and often sits on the edge of the bath when I soak away the stress of the day.

When looking for a cat, I phoned a few breeders until a former friend convinced me to contact 'Kitty Corner'. . . . and there I found my glorious ginger. They found him in a dustbin, a tiny little thing, barely alive.

Smartie added so much value to my life, countless smiles and special moments and I just cannot imagine that somebody threw him (and the rest of his siblings) in a dustbin. The reality is that there ARE people who are incredibly cruel to animals. Please spare me having to prove this by showing you the pictures to make my point.

But there are countless animal welfare organisations out there that are doing the most amazing work for/with our animal friends. Not only cats and dogs but horses, donkeys, birds, wildlife . . . the list is endless.

My point of writing this is a big THANK YOU to each individual and welfare organisation who renders a service to animals. At National Tekkie Tax Day we have a long list of them: individuals with passion in their heart despite working under difficult circumstances.

As the founder of National Tekkie Tax Day, I do everything in my power to raise money and assist these welfare organisations to save, feed and sterilise where needed. But most of all I salute the people of Kitty Corner who saved my special Smartie.

So, choose an Animal sticker when you participate in National Tekkie Tax Day next time and make sure your pets are sterilised as we do not want to find any more in dustbins.

Annelise de Jager - Patron of National Tekkie Tax Day

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