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Do you trust welfare organisations?

How do you feel when donating to a welfare organisation? Do you trust the welfare organisations and projects that you donate to? How do you feel when taking that money out of your pocket...?

I have found that there is a general distrust in welfare organisations. But why?
Maybe it's because the media zoom in when things go wrong but keep dead quiet when things go right. Yes, sadly there are individuals in the NGO sector that are unethical, unreliable and useless.

But there are also lawyers, teachers, preachers and doctors that are unethical, unreliable and useless. Poor service delivery is not limited to the NGO sector!

Maybe it's because it is so difficult to let go of your hard earned cash or maybe it’s because you give without knowing where your donation ended up...?

The fact that you are reading this article probably means that you are part of the group who 'give' and not part of the group who 'receive'. What an absolute privilege that is! What a joy to know that you do not have to rely on people's donations in order to provide for your children. You can still put food on the table even though you may have to count your pennies. 

Being part of the 'giving group' is a blessing that we must never take for granted. But it comes with two responsibilities; first there is the responsibility to give – to share your wealth no matter how big or small the donation is.

But this is not all - your second responsibility is to ensure that you give in a responsible way. Donating money means nothing unless it is done in the most responsible way. By this I mean that you must only give to the most trustworthy organisations and projects.

So how do you choose? Make sure that your values line up with the people behind the organisation or project. No matter how important the cause or services of a welfare organisation, if the people behind it are immoral, unaccountable and non-transparent . . . Run! I have had to walk away from a lucrative project because of this. I lost a lot, but I stayed true to my integrity!

Find a cause close to your heart, identify a welfare organisation in that sector and get to know them . . . and if you still have doubt, phone me! I do not know each and every one of the 250 000 registered NGOs in SA but working in the NGO field for the past 30 years gave me a wealth of knowledge and a pretty good idea of what is going on. 

So, whether you need to decide on spending your B-BEEE money or supporting a national fundraising project, I will gladly refer you, guide you and help to give you peace of mind that your donation ended up at the best possible welfare organisation. 

As the founder and patron of National Tekkie Tax Day, I saw on almost a daily basis the difference that this campaign is making to vulnerable people and animals.

This ensures that you do not only choose who to support, but you link up directly with the NGO that you will be donating to. So, in a sense we are already guiding you to the best and most accountable NGOs out there!

So, smile and pay up for a pair of funky Tekkie Tax shoelaces or let me connect you with a welfare organisation where your B-BEEE spend will not only be to enhance your scorecard, but will really impact on somebody in the 'receiving' group. 

Annelise de Jager

Patron of National Tekkie Tax Day

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