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Charity Support Services

Annelise has been an expert and driving force in South Africa’s charity sector for almost 30 years,. She has initiated and ran large national fundraising campaigns like Casual Day (18 years) and National Tekkie Tax Day (four years) while raising more than R200 000 million for the beneficiary organisations. Together with her team of dedicated staff members, they have changed the face of fundraising in South Africa.

She has a passion for empowering people through personal development. Via her successful NGO Empowerment program, she trains the staff members working at welfare organisations to run their NGO like a business.

Annelise is the founder of The Legacy through Charity Trust and patron of National Tekkie Tax Day.

Although all training will have an element of personal development in them, she can either focus on personal or organisational development.
Annelise is an excellent choice as guest speaker for your next AGM and her presentation is guaranteed to be tailor-made to suit your organisation and the specific audience.
"Only when you raise the level of awareness and emotional intelligence in a person, will they use the skills and resources available to them."

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