Annelise is an inspirational teacher and motivator with the aim of long term change in the people and groups she works with. She does not believe in merely dumping skills on people, but rather focusing on the personal development of every person she works with.


Whether you book a 90-minute seminar, a 1-day workshop or a training series with her, the presentation will be tailor-made to suit your organisation and the specific audience.


A seminar is normally between 60 and 90 minutes long, depending on the chosen topic. Less than 60 minutes can be done but might not do the topic justice. A full day workshop will allow enough time to cover the chosen topic in more detail and ensure the practical application thereof.


1 – Leadership is not a title or a position.
In order for any business to run smoothly, you need leaders on every level. This talk is about empowering staff members to accept responsibility and ownership of the role they play in the business, regardless of where they slot into the hierarchy.


2 – Excuses… Fear… and a few other nasty words.
It is easy to fall into the habit of excuses. The result of this is feelings of guilt and ineffectiveness on a personal and professional level. The aim of this seminar is to make the audience aware of these habits. We also address the fact that fear is the symptom of something else that is wrong. It is a practical presentation which will leave your staff with more insight and understanding of themselves.


3 – Do you have goals or fantasies?
Goal setting and implementation is the heart of this presentation. We discuss elements like fear, self-image and procrastination. It will have value on both personal and professional levels and will result in a higher level of productivity and acting. This session forms part of the training series ‘Who are you and What do you want?’.


4 – Time management is an illusion!
Without self-mastery, time management is an illusion. The purpose of this session is to look at the psychology of time and the importance of self-mastery. We will look at the importance of ‘slow thinking’ and the effect that it has on our ‘fast thinking’. The seminar will end with some practical applications that the audience can implement.

“How you THINK about time will determine how you SPEND time”

5 – Staff – the best or worst part of your business?
This seminar is aimed at any individual that has staff members reporting to him/her. Managing staff is the most crucial skill that managers need to be empowered with. The practical applications that we discuss will guarantee the growth of managers to managing their staff more effectively.

“If your staff members are not performing to the best of their ability, the problem lies with the people managing them.”

6 – The Greatness of Gratitude
This is a personal development session that will be of benefit to every person in the company. When troubles, worry and negativity rules, there can be no creativity or productivity. If your staff members embrace the principles of this talk, it will not only change their personal energy, but also the culture in your company.

“The more you are grateful for what you have, the more you will have to be grateful for”

7 – Rituals and Habits will either make us or break us!
We all have habits, so it might as well be good ones. This seminar touches on personal as well as organisational habits. We also look at 5 daily rituals that will guarantee your growth as a person and employee.

“We create our habits and then our habits create us”

Company Training Series

To ensure personal growth, long term change and tangible results, it is highly recommended that you book a series of training sessions with Annelise. There are four full-day (09h00 to 15h00) sessions in each training series. The sessions are three weeks apart to ensure maximum application and to raise the level of awareness in each individual attending. Ideally, the group size should be between 10 and 12 people to guarantee personal attention and maximum benefit. Additional reading material will ensure that learning does not only take place during the training, but also in between each session.

Who are you and what do you want?
This training series is an incredibly exciting journey in self-discovery and personal growth.

We do not get what we want, because we do not know what we want! Do you have a plan for your life, written down goals or a collage that says it all in pictures? This empowerment course will give you clarity about who you are and what the direction of your life should be.

At the end of this journey, you will understand the role that your thoughts are playing in your success (and failures!). Trainees will come to the awareness of what their real highest values are and how the ‘deal-breakers’ of their lives impact on the decisions they make.
The training revolves around clarity of purpose and each participant will create a vision board (that will be presented to the class in the fourth session) reflecting who they are and what they want from life.

Guarantee: This course will challenge you to view your life differently and will inspire you to great heights of personal growth.

The training will only be of value to you if you are. . .
  • Hungry for personal growth and want to make more of your life
  • Interested in turning your fantasies into realities
  • Willing to invest the necessary time in yourself
  • Open to the idea of change. . .

“Imagine you only have one life to live, how will you live it?”

Personal development of staff members
The success of your business will depend solely on the competence of your staff members. It is therefore extremely important to invest time and resources in their development. Subjects that will be discussed during this four full day training series are:
  • How does your thoughts, words and actions impact your work and personal your life?
  • The importance of leadership on each level of the organisation
  • Time management vs Self-mastery
  • Self-image and confidence

Leadership, management and other scary stuff!

For any organisation to run smoothly, you need leaders on every level. This subject is about empowering staff members to accept responsibly and ownership of the role they play in the organisation, regardless of where they slot into the hierarchy. A good manager is somebody who can influence the behaviour of the people around him/her – somebody who is both people and task orientated. The training series will focus on:
  • Developing leadership skills in all staff members
  • Teamwork makes the dream work!
  • Time management is an illusion . . .
  • Successful management of staff members
Jannette Kocks

“Since doing your training I believe more in myself and know that I will be tremendously successful in my career”

Bongani Mlambo

“Your training program is really empowering. You gave us the right equipment to get the job done”

Suraiya Mohamed

“Your training was awesome. You inspired me, and the highlight was the fact that you were so real”

Ann Martin

Thank you for keeping me on my toes every step of the way!!

Mashane Nthutang

“The books you made us read have inspired me to register for my Bachelors in Education”

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